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Distance is no barrier to the Spirit World; so Spirit Healing can be given to you no matter where you live.

Distant healing from Spirit, as understood and practised by me, is achieved by positive prayer, constructive thought and cooperation with Spirit doctors. William and Basil Lang, and their Spirit Staff are always around at ‘Pant Glas’, which is a dwelling place for Spirit power. When your letter is read, the thought-vibrations are picked up by the Spirits who thus know of your request for help. You can also draw upon this power during your own quiet meditation (see below) by directing your thoughts to this Centre, and then try to relax completely.

Spirit healings are given as soon as the letter from the patient is received by me, and this may be at any time of the day.

Further healing is given by the Spirit doctors during the patient’s sleep state, when the body and mind are relaxed and more receptive to the healing. In other cases, the patient may be asked to link up at a specific time, and she/he be given additional instructions.

It is most important to remember that your regular reports (by letter, please enclose a SAE for a reply) are the healing link between us, and such reports need consist only of a few lines, confined to matters relating to health conditions.

Your letters are treated in strict confidence and they are destroyed as soon as they are dealt with. Please state clearly your name and address and whether Mr, Mrs or Miss each time you write.

Residents in the British Isles are requested to please always send a stamped envelope addressed to themselves, for my reply.

Patients in Foreign countries are requested to send International Postal Coupons. Such coupons are obtainable at most post offices throughout the world.

By complying with these suggestions, our work is rendered so much easier and unnecessary delays are averted. We would be grateful for your full cooperation.

You can do much to assist yourself in improving your own condition, in several ways:-

(a) Keep a determination to be well again; in other words do not give in.

(b) Do all you can to be happy and contented. See the best in the people you meet: discover God in the things you observe around you, and remember that God dwells in each and every one of us.

(c) Make a practice of sitting in a comfortable chair, quietly and relaxed in mind and body, just for a short time. Loosen any tight clothing, close your eyes lightly and let your thoughts be elevated: leave aside all the worries of the world, and offer a prayer to God and the Spirit Doctors for help. In this way you can become very close to the Spirit World, and its influences for 'good'. Spirit Healing can be given as a result of a letter from a friend of a patient, for example where it is sent on behalf of someone in hospital who is unable to write. Such a person must continue to send reports (by letter; see above).

Healing has been successful in cases where the patient was not aware of the correspondence, but in all cases of this nature the name and address of the patient for whom the healing is requested should be sent to me, so that Spirit Doctors can visit. This procedure is particularly useful when a patient is very weak or where healing is required for young children or mentally sick persons.

If you are acting as a third party for another patient, please write the patient’s name and address at the bottom of the report each time you write.

CHILDREN. Under the 'Children and Young Persons Act 1933', a parent or guardian who fails to provide adequate medical aid for a child commits an offence. Spirit Healing is NOT regarded as medical aid according to the Law.

Therefore it should NOT be used instead of conventional medical treatment, but in ADDITION to it.

Finally, it must be made clear that we do not promise a cure. All we can do is our very best. Who can do more?

Distant Healing is ABSOLUTELY FREE but we do accept with gratitude free will donations towards our expenses, but only if the patient can really afford it.

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