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Horse healing over 4,000 miles was a racing certainty SPIRITUAL healer Michael Chapman has told Psychic News how he healed a race horse which was more than 4,000 miles away in India. Named Roberta, to the astonishment of onlookers the thoroughbred filly went on to win a top trophy race in Mumbai. Michael was approached by author Nan Umrigar, who knew his trance healer father George and invited him to visit her in India. Nan, who passed last February, was best known for her automatic writing. In 1979, Nan’s seventeen-year-old son Karl, a champion Indian jockey, passed in a tragic accident on the Mahalaxmi Racecourse in Mumbai. She learned how to reconnect with her son and his spiritual master Meher Baba. Racing is still in the family’s blood. Nan’s daughter Tina is married to Pesi Shroff, one of the leading trainers of race horses in India. A former Indian champion jockey, Pesi has ridden 5,614 races and won 1,751 of them, including 106 classic races and 29 Derbys. Roberta was due to run in The Indian Oaks at Mumbai, but had muscle problems in her left hind leg. Nan wrote to Michael, who is based in Wales, asking if he might be able to help. At a specific time – 2.00 pm in the UK, which was 7.30 pm in Mumbai – he asked Tina to place her hands on the horse’s back and leg. In a letter to Michael, Nan wrote: “Tina was more than concerned, as Roberta is not the most friendly filly and doesn’t take kindly to most people. “However, she was amazed that at the time of healing Roberta let her place her hands on the base of her back and hind leg, and stood calmly and peacefully for the entire period. “Tina also mentioned that it was a surreal experience and she felt totally ‘in the zone’ during that time. “The following day was the day of reckoning. Would Roberta be able to withstand the gruelling one-and-a-half mile race?” The family looked on anxiously as horses lined up for the Hindustan Times Palate Fest Indian Oaks race. Their hopes were soon realised when Roberta was able to gather speed and with a final burst passed the rest of the field and won. A headline in the Indian Racing Pulse news report said “Roberta confounds followers of form,” commenting that her performance in a previous race had been “dismal.” The win gave Pesi his fifth consecutive Indian Oaks victory and the eighth in his training career, creating a new record for the trainer.












For many years, George Chapman treated patients whilst entranced by “dead” eye surgeon William Lang. Born in 1852, he passed on in 1937 and was reunited with his son Basil, who was also a surgeon. Basil died in January 1928 at the age of only 47 after contracting pneumonia. He now guides Michael. The British Medical Association journal said that Basil’s “untimely death” was announced with “deep regret.” Various people who knew William and Basil confirmed they had spoken with them through George. Dr Lang’s daughter, Marie Lyndon Lang, stated that her father was still working through George. She testified that through the Chapman-Lang partnership “I have spoken with my father, often with my brother Basil, my mother and other friends.” Marie was so convinced that she left all her personal effects to George in her will, including many of Dr Lang’s possessions, which still have pride of place in the Chapman home. George was invited to demonstrate Dr Lang’s work around the world and helped royals and celebrities, as well as ordinary patients. George spent much of his life in Aylesbury, Bucks, and had a six-month waiting list. After semi-retiring in the mid-1980s, he moved to a Welsh cottage called Pant Glas in idyllic countryside near HEALER Michael Chapman arranged distant treatment over thousands of miles. (Photo: Michael Chapman) THIS wonderful picture shows George Chapman operating on a patient’s spirit body after being entranced by a “dead” eye surgeon. 10 PSYCHIC NEWS | JANUARY 2023 NEWS NEWS Machynlleth, where he enlarged the house and constructed a clinic and office next to it. Michael joined the practice there, which is where he and his wife Susan brought up their own family. Though George passed in 2006, Michael is still very aware of his father’s presence. Michael was delighted when his son Tom, 24, agreed that one day he will also take up healing. First, he has built up a landscape gardening business while he reads all the books Michael suggests. Eventually, he will join his father at the clinic in Wales. “Mr Lang’s healing room here has a special atmosphere, which has built up over the years,” said Michael. “It’s a real healing sanctuary.” Michael also works at the Birmingham Holistic Health Centre at King’s Norton, which he said also has a wonderful atmosphere. He has a rapport with the centre’s owner, Stuart Morris, who has been a healer for over 28 years. While people still visit Michael from all over the world, he offers absent healing for those unable to travel. His website states, “Distance is no barrier to the spirit world, so spirit healing can be given to you no matter where you live.” Recently, Michael and Susan refurbished a cabin at Pant Glas where up to four visitors can stay for a minimum of two nights. Guests can wander in the beautiful fourteen-acre estate and there are good local facilities. They do not have to be clients of the clinic, but appointments are available to book. E-mail Susan at for further details. Distance is no barrier to the spirit world, so spirit healing can be given to you no matter where you live A REFURBISHED cabin with stunning views can now be rented at healer’s famous sanctuary in Wales. (Photo: Michael Chapman)

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