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I do not work through any other healer

Is William Lang, the former eye surgeon who heals through the entranced George Chapman, also using other mediums? The guide gives a categorical denial to this suggestion. Here are Lang's comments on the subject at a sitting specially arranged to receive them.

It took several years for the co-ordination between George Chapman and myself to be made into an effective partnership and for this development to reach the highest possible standard.

The work has involved an average of between 30 to 40 patients a day. There are also thousands of distant healing patients.

We are both busy seven days a week; In addition I have the labour of a large hospital on this side. I could not cope with all the work involved without the constant help of my team of doctors, surgeons, and others here.

I cannot be in two places at the same time. It is simply not possible for me to undertake healing through other channels, even if I had the inclination, which I do not.

There is also a spiritual limit to what can be accomplished. Contrary to what some may say, the spirit does tire due to effort and energies expended. There has to be time for relaxation and recuperation.

My patients are my preoccupation. Should I be present at a church meeting, unusually so, it will be for a very short period, because one of my patients is there.

Possibly a clairvoyant will get a glimpse of me and may say, "You have a spirit doctor with you," but I make no communication.

Other than this there can be no evidence. I do not associate with any mediums other than George Chapman. And I have never had any desire to do so.

People have been misled by statements that I am present and communicating in various ways, that I am the healer working with someone other than George Chapman.

All such claims are untrue. I do not say there is intentional deception, but I wonder that anyone can make such claims and upon what grounds.

Some of my patients have home circles and may invite me to look in. I reply that I will do my best to do so, if I am not too busy. Otherwise I do not visit home circles.

 Personation can take place without my knowledge.​ Possibly small spectacles and a grey beard are presented mis-leadingly. So I do not say that mediums are consciously in error, but error it is.

Activities other than my healing and surgery, and the companionship which I have here, have no interest for me.

I would not attempt, for example, automatic writing through another medium. Automatic writing, as well as the ouija board, are very susceptible to personation unless of the proven highest quality.

There are other cogent reasons for my working with George Chapman and no other.

There is a karmic cycle involving myself, my surgeon son Basil who works with me here, George Chapman, and his healer son Michael.

We have all been associated in previous lives. This will continue to be so on the spirit side and in reincarnations on earth.

When I was last on earth, as I got older I developed a marked tremor of the hand. So under my advice and guidance I employed my son Basil to do my surgery.

George is getting older and the day of partial retirement nearer. His complete retirement will be arranged between us in due course. .

Meantime Basil Will work with Michael. When George does retire I will be around to help Basil, the healing team, and Michael, but I will not be working through a medium.

When George passes into this world, then after a time I will reincarnate to the earth, followed later by Basil and Michael. And so the karmic cycle will go on its way.

Should anyone be told by a medium that I, William Lang, am with them, they should respond by asking questions.

Had I any brothers or sisters? What were the names of some of them, if not all? What was my mother's name, and the date of her passing?

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